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Chinese Language Week

Event Details:

New Zealand Chinese Language Week (NZCLW) is a Kiwi-driven initiative that aims to increase Chinese language learning in New Zealand. The initiative is the first of its kind in any Western country and emerged in the context of a rapidly strengthening relationship between New Zealand and China.

NZCLW seeks to bridge the cultural and linguistic knowledge gap between China and New Zealand by delivering fun and practical initiatives that assist Kiwis to learn Chinese, ranging from programmes and resources in schools and libraries to business and government organisations.  

Supporting NZCLW will encourage the ongoing development of cross-cultural connections within our Kiwi Chinese ethnic community, as well as leveraging New Zealand’s ability to connect to China. NZCLW is a way of making New Zealanders more familiar with China and its people, enhancing cultural understanding and linguistic communication to boost interaction with China both in trade and cultural exchange.



Ideas for Workplaces:

To recognise this event…
  • Equip your team with some basic Chinese words & phrases and use them in as many communications as possible this week!
  • Share some Chinese etiquette and customs with your team such as accepting business cards with two hands (it’s an important sign of respect), never point at people especially when talking or gesturing (it is considered hostile and extremely rude) and if you are meeting someone in a business context, make sure you shake hands and smile (if it is someone older than you with some sort of rank, you can do a very slight bow from the shoulders) as a sign of respect.
  • Finally, organise a break-room catch up during the week with Chinese Green or Oolong tea, or perhaps a casual workplace get-together on Friday with dumplings and wontons (lunch or post-work), and test each other’s knowledge of the Chinese language, culture and customs you have learned!



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20 - 26 Sep 2020


All Day


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