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International Day of Older Persons

Event Details:

2023 Theme: Fulfilling the Promises of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Older Persons: Across Generations

The composition of the world population has changed dramatically in recent decades. Between 1950 and 2010, life expectancy worldwide rose from 46 to 68 years. Globally, there were 703 million persons aged 65 or over in 2019. The region of Eastern and South-Eastern Asia was home to the largest number of older persons (261 million), followed by Europe and Northern America (over 200 million).

Over the next three decades, the number of older persons worldwide is projected to more than double, reaching more than 1.5 billion persons in 2050.

This year’s theme will put a spotlight on the specificity of older persons around the world, for the enjoyment of their rights and in addressing violations, and how the strengthening of solidarity through equity and reciprocity between generations offers sustainable solutions to deliver on the promise of the Sustainable Development Goals.

– United Nations

Ideas for Workplaces:

To recognise this event…

Hold a morning tea in your workplace, in which your team members can invite older family members or seniors in the community to celebrate and listen to their stories, wisdoms and perspective on things.

Furthermore, offer the older guests some one-on-one support in learning anything they might need help with i.e. using mobile phones, computers, the internet, Wifi etc.

To keep these connections going, you could establish a lunchtime walking group (perhaps once a week or fortnight) with the older people that your workplace has fostered a relationship with.


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01 Oct 2024


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