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International Epilepsy Day

Event Details:

a day for everyone

No matter where you are, no matter how small your group or large your area, no matter whether you focus on the medical or the social aspects of the disease, this is a day for everyone. We want you to help us celebrate International Epilepsy Day! Let’s speak with one global voice.

While International Epilepsy Day celebrations vary from region to region, with cultural, geographical and climatic circumstances all impacting on activities, the common thread is the desire to highlight epilepsy and to bring attention to the need for better awareness and understanding, appropriate legislation, improved diagnosis and treatment services, and increased research in order to better the lives of all those affected by epilepsy.

This is your day, to celebrate how you will. Any activity, no matter how small, when combined with the efforts of individuals, groups and associations around the world, will collectively impact on how epilepsy is viewed. What you do to mark the day, in your own way, with the resources available to you, will make a difference to the 65 million people in the world who are living with epilepsy.



Ideas for Workplaces:

To recognise this event…

Hold a shared morning tea or an outdoor picnic with your team, where there is a donation box for those who can contribute. Talk about epilepsy – what does it mean? How does it impact the lives of people who have it? Check out the offical website HERE for some resources to share in these conversations.

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13 Feb 2024


All Day
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